Through the Social Support Act (WMO), the municipality provides an adequate and cheap mobility facility. The municipality determines whether you are eligible and indicates a category of facilities with certain required specifications. You have the right to choose, which means that you receive the amount for which this provision is purchased by the municipality (standard Zorg in Natura) as a personal budget (PGB). In this way, you can choose to purchase an optimal facility such as Scoozy, that meets all requirements (with an additional payment). You will not only go to the strictly necessary places, but you will have the freedom and independence to go everywhere in a pleasant, comfortable and safe way!

Sometimes a special request for Scoozy is also possible, but these are exceptional cases if a facility within the standard range of the municipality really does not meet the basic needs.


For all applications, it is important to provide good arguments with transport reasons in combination with health benefits. Arguments for purchasing a Scoozy can be:

  • Scoozy has the latest technology lithium-ion batteries with a long service life (more durable) and a large battery range of up to 100 km. The regenerative braking system allows you to drive even further, for commuter traffic, for example.
  • Because your arms can rest on the armrests while driving with Scoozy, it is also possible to make a longer ride if you have a loss of strength or pain in your arms/shoulders. This makes you more mobile.
  • Even if you have a one-sided hand/arm function, driving with Scoozy is possible because Scoozy can be controlled with one hand. If you are forced to use an electric wheelchair because of this, but it does not meet the requirements for outdoor use, Scoozy might be even a cheaper alternative.
  • At Scoozy the engines are in the wheels. This makes it possible to combine both four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering and independent suspension. This is unique among mobility scooters and offers stability and manoeuvrability under the most varied conditions. This allows you to reach your destination on all kinds of surfaces. In addition, these engines are low in maintenance.
  • Thanks to the patented entry mechanism, the wheels turn outwards when you open the armrests. This gives extra space to get in and out. The Scoozy frame is made strong so that you can rest on the armrests with a maximum of 90 kilos. In addition, the open design without steering column offers plenty of legroom and the ability to stretch the legs.
  • Scoozy is safe, the only mobility scooter that meets the recommendations of the Foundation for Road Safety Research (SWOV) on behalf of the Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen.


  • Mobility Scooters feature a brake that allows the user can brake actively (vehicle);
  • Improve the stability of the mobility scooter by adapting the vehicle design and providing more stable mobility scooters (vehicle);
  • Mobility scooters equipped with steering angle protection (vehicle).



  • Active braking with the intuitive joystick;
  • Weight distribution, 4 wheel steering and independent suspension. This makes Scoozy more stable;
  • Steering angle protection. Because of this, you cannot turn over;
  • Safety belt and doors. As a result, the driver cannot fall off Scoozy;
  • Highly positioned LED lighting. This makes Scoozy more visible on the road.


Unfortunately, since 2014 the costs for a mobility scooter are no longer deductible.


If your handicap is caused in an accident with the fault of third parties, you can claim insurance. Arguments with your application can be transport or health.


If you have a benefit via the UWV and want to go to work or school with Scoozy, you can submit an application on the basis of job supervision.