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The modern mobility scooter

Experience the freedom and independence of electric mobility,
in all circumstances.

drive as far as you want

drive where you want

drive when you want


Scoozy packs the functionality of a helping aid into a modern electric vehicle. With Scoozy you make a statement. Show that you go for innovation and quality. That you are positive in life, open to new adventures and ready for interaction with others.

With Scoozy you stand out and drive something truly unique. You will notice this immediately when you drive on the street with Scoozy. People turn around and see something new. Prepare yourself for interest and conversation!

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Drive with a smile

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As far as you want

Drive for a day without charging. Visit friends in the nearby village or take a road trip. You don’t have to be afraid of coming to a standstill unexpectedly. This is driving without boundaries. Feel free to go as far as you want and push your limits!

Wherever you want

Ride comfortably over uneven surfaces: A cobblestone road in the city or an unpaved forest path is no problem at all. Also visit places where you can’t reach by bike or car: Drive through the shopping street, visit your favorite museum and enjoy the most beautiful routes in nature. Get out there and discover new places.

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Whenever you want

Experience the high-quality reliability. The convenience of having mobility at your disposal at any time. This way you know that you can always go out when it suits you. This makes you independent, so that you can also be there for someone else. Take matters into your own hands, over your day, over your life.

This is what our customers experience

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Age 64, Amputation

“I mainly used a scooter as a means of transport. With Scoozy, I go out for fun.”

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Age 66, Stroke

“Driving with Scoozy where I live in the woods and on the golf course is perfect.”

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Age 58, Multiple Sclerosis

“Scoozy gives me what other aids couldn't give me.”

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Age 61, Spinal cord injury

“Scoozy is much more stable on the road and faster than my regular wheelchair. My wife enjoys cycling along.”


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innovative battery technology

  • The lithium-ion battery has a guaranteed long lifespan. The regenerative braking system gives you an even greater range of up to 100 km.
  • The display always shows the current status of the range in kilometers, so you know where you stand.
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Powerful and Comfortable

  • The semi-independent suspension and ergonomically shaped seat placed directly above the low center of gravity make a ride with Scoozy comfortable.
  • The 4 large 16 inch wheels together with powerful drive provide maximum stability and traction on any surface.
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High quality
and safety

  • Due to the development and production in the Netherlands, we really stand for both innovation and quality.
  • The joystick steering with an active brake gives control. The limited steering system and the high-positioned lighting protect you.

Scoozy in de media

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Algemeen Dagblad

“Veiliger dan de 'traditionele' scootmobiel.“
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De Telegraaf

“Het stigmatiserende verdwijnt als sneeuw voor de zon.“
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RTL Bright

“Dit is de coolste scootmobiel ooit!“
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De Volkskrant

“Rijden met Scoozy is een eitje.“
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Support Magazine

“De Scootmobiel opnieuw uitgevonden.“


Scoozy distinguishes itself from other scooter brands mainly in the field of safety, design and the possibility to drive in nature.

It is often difficult to compare mobility scooters with each other on properties, because a different approach is used for certain specifications. To help you with this, we have tested and put the top 3 four-wheel scooters sold in the Netherlands in the higher segment. Read the blog here. And we have put Scoozy next to the Quingo with 5 wheels in this blog.

In this video we show you all about how Scoozy works. This way you can determine if Scoozy really suits your needs, because that’s what it’s all about in the end. 

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This is a common response as a first impression of Scoozy. By looking closely at the causes of the crashes involving scooters, safety and stability have become the spearhead of our design. In these blogs we show which solutions Scoozy has for preventing and reducing accidents: How Scoozy protects you and is Scoozy a stable scooter?

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Steering with a joystick can take some getting used to, but offers 5 advantages in terms of comfort and safety. Read more about this in this blog.

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