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Experience the freedom and independence of electric mobility,
in all circumstances.

the modern mobility scooter

Scoozy is the modern alternative for a mobility scooter with 4 wheels, an innovative design and unique features. Experience the freedom and independence of electric mobility, in all circumstances.

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Scoozy is unique with an expressive design, uses innovative electric drive technology and is made to get out and about spontaneously.


With perfect braking power, excellent handling and driving comfort with guaranteed safety, our technology ensures unprecedented driving performance that goes far beyond simply being mobile.

Dutch design, dutch made

Unique functional and aesthetic properties go hand in hand with Scoozy. Due to the development and production in the Netherlands, we really stand for both innovation and quality.

With Scoozy you have
No fear. No shame. No boundaries.

Watch this video and see how you can drive anywhere with Scoozy.

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Up to 100km range

  • The lithium-ion battery has a guaranteed long lifespan. The regenerative braking system gives you an even greater range of up to 100 km.
  • The display always shows the current status of the range in kilometers, so you know where you stand.

safe joystick steering

  • The joystick steering with an active brake provides control and real active safety.
  • Speed and turning circle adapt. The limited steering system protects you against making too sharp a turn at higher speed.

catchy design

  • Scoozy is unique – and that certainly applies to its design. Scoozy has shapes that you have never seen before and is extra noticeable in traffic due to the high-placed LED lighting.
  • Determining for these forms is the function: protection without restricting your freedom.


  • The semi-independent suspension and ergonomically shaped seat placed directly above the low center of gravity make a ride with Scoozy comfortable.
  • The 4 large 16 inch wheels together with powerful drive provide maximum stability and traction on any surface.