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Don’t let the stigma on a mobility scooter hold you back. We offer the modern alternative: Scoozy, the personal electric vehicle with 4 wheels, an innovative design and unique features. Experience the freedom and independence of electric mobility, in all circumstances.

50 km
1 hand
16 inch
4 wheel

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  • Unparalleled innovation through standard equipment with a lithium-ion battery with a constant long range.
  • The regenerative braking system makes Scoozy smart with energy.
  • On the display you can see how many kilometers you can still drive: so you always know where you stand.

feel confident

  • Design and technology are a perfect match: protection without restricting your freedom.
  • The control system with the joystick together with the 4 large wheels and steering angle limiter ensure that you can drive with control and confidence, wherever you go.

go anywhere

  • With scoozy you can go anywhere you want. Thanks to a combination of independent suspension, a low center of gravity and four-wheel drive, you can ride through the city just as comfortably as on tricky paths in the forest.
  • The open design offers direct contact with your environment, allowing you to enjoy your ride to the fullest.

What scoozy-drivers say

Be inspired by Joop’s story and discover whether Scoozy also suits your lifestyle.


Coming soon

scoozy series c

June 2021 we willen launch the 3rd generation Scoozy which will be sold throughout Europe.

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