Mobility scooter stolen: How Scoozy prevents theft.

A mobility scooter is a valuable asset. If your mobility scooter gets stolen, this is not only very annoying, but it means a significant limitation in mobility and independence. Unfortunately, many mobility scooters get stolen. Many mobility scooters have the same key, making them easy to steal. Scoozy came up with a solution! Read in this blog how Scoozy protects against theft.
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Unique mobility scooter key

As a Scoozy user, you don’t want thieves to run off with your vehicle. We have taken this into account when developing Scoozy. Scoozy works with a uniquely programmed NFC tag as a key. Every Scoozy is associated with a particular tag. With the regular mobility scooter, there is a good chance that you can unlock many different mobility scooters with a few keys because they all have the same locks. This is not the case with a tag. Place the tag on the armrest to switch on Scoozy.

Securing your mobility scooter with a cable lock

The open wheels make it easier to put a cable lock through the wheel. For example, you secure Scoozy to a pole and make it even more difficult for thieves to steal Scoozy. We recommend TEX-Lock locks for this. 

Tex-Lock locks are practical and beautiful. The Tex-Lock is made of multi-layer textile composite and (depending on which variant) is ‘normal’ ART-2 certified. These high-end locks feel silky soft but are mega flexible and very light. Do not scratch the paint, do not rattle and easily offer extra options to protect Scoozy against theft carefully. 

Tex Lock - Mobility scooter stolen: How Scoozy prevents theft.

Mobility scooter with GPS tracker

The Tracefy GPS tracker is a small module installed in Scoozy by the dealer. You can then register yourself in the app. With the Tracefy app, Scoozy is connected. You can see, among other things, the location of your Scoozy. Choose between two subscription types via the app: Connectivity or Connectivity, including retrieval service. Via the app, you always locate Scoozy, see routes you have travelled and enable geofencing with one push of a button. The retrieval service means the retrieval team will try to find your Scoozy and get it back. This service is only available in the Netherlands and Belgium. According to Tracefy, about 90% of stolen vehicles get recovered! 

TRACIFY2 - Mobility scooter stolen: How Scoozy prevents theft.
Tracify - Mobility scooter stolen: How Scoozy prevents theft.

Would you like to know more about all the technology used in Scoozy and view the price list? Download the information guide with the specification overview and price list.

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