What are the differences between a Solo, Scoozy, and Mini Crosser?

It is often challenging to compare mobility scooters because a different approach is used for certain specifications. To help you with this, we have tested and compared the top 3 four-wheel mobility scooters sold in the Netherlands in the higher segment: the Solo scooter, Scoozy, and Mini Crosser mobility scooter.
SoloScoozyMiniCrosser - What are the differences between a Solo, Scoozy, and Mini Crosser?

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To make the differences between the Solo Elegance, Scoozy, and the Mini Crosser clear, we put these models next to each other and compared the dimensions, drew the turning circle, and drove up a curb. Watch the video of the test.

maxresdefault - What are the differences between a Solo, Scoozy, and Mini Crosser?

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Brand and type

Life & Mobility Solo 4

Scoozy C

Mini Crosser X2 4W

From price 




Max. user weight

160 kg (option 200 kg)

150 kg

175 kg (option 250 kg)


lead gel (lithium iron phosphate option)


lead gel (lithium iron phosphate option)


35-65 km

50-100 km

35-75 km

Joystick control



Foot throttle



Maximum speed

18 km/h

15 km/h

15 km/h (option 18 km/h with larger rear wheels)

Transaxle engine

750 Watt

1400 Watts

700 Watt



automatically in S


Max. obstacle height (drive up with a 50cm approach and 75 kg person on it)

10 cm (with belly slide) /

12 cm front wheels, bottom plate fixed

10cm /

12 cm with larger run-up

10 cm (with belly slide) /

Max. angle of inclination (dynamic stability)

10˚ = 18%

10˚ = 18%

10˚ = 18%

Turning circle

3.2 m

3.4 m

3.35 m

Cornering reduction sensor




140 x 64 x 120 cm

135 x 68 x 125 cm

140 x 68 x 109 cm

Vehicle weight

105 kg

100 – 110 kg

168 kg

Ground clearance (middle bottom plate with person 60kg on it)

12.5 cm

14 cm

13 cm


semi-independent (+ seat suspension)


fixed rear axle


black-metallic with orange or silver-gray battery cover (also special editions)


sunset-orange or anthracite-black ( extra charge )

Wheel size

​​3.00 – 14” (rim 8”)

2.5 – 16” (rim 12”)

3.5 – 14” (rim 8”)

Seat width


45 cm

35-40-45-50-60 cm

Seat depth

44 cm (+ 6 cm extendable)

44 cm

32-55 cm

Sliding carriage


standard (electric option)

Seat height relative to plateau

45-53 cm

41-45 cm (excluding 5 cm seat cushion)

42 – 52 cm

Adjust seat height

with gas spring

with bolts

option electric

Swivel seat


Entry System

manual (electric option)

Seat belt





ignition lock (magnetic approach option)

NCF tag

ignition switch

If you’re looking for a comfortably sprung traditional scooter with cruise control, the Solo scooter may be the best fit for you. The Mini Crosser mobility scooter offers more options if you need a wide range of seat adjustments and is suitable for a higher user weight. Are you looking for modern mobility scooters that can be controlled with one hand or do you want to make long trips? Then choose the Scoozy long range mobility scooters. Test it yourself and take a test drive at one of our dealers.

3 thoughts on “What are the differences between a Solo, Scoozy, and Mini Crosser?”

  1. I have had a look and loved it. Problem for me is the cost of these lovely looking scooters, I`m about to get me own wheelchair accessible vehicle and either of these would go great for up on the moors chasing me grandkids around. Just need to find a rich benefactor now.
    Was just wondering how the thin wheels on the Scoozy would manage on wet grass and mud.

  2. I’ve owned a Scoozy in the 100km range version for a few Weeks. Due to bilateral “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” it is an enormous relief to handle the control with the Joystick. This assistance alone makes the difference to other Scooters! Because of my Handicap with a stiff Leg it is not possible for me to ride a conventional Scooter. Since the Scoozy has no annoying wheel arches but free Foot space, I can finally stretch out my Foot. For me, the Scoozy is the best Scooter and is number one next to the Solo Elegance and the Mini Crosser. Yes, the Scoozy is not exactly cheap to buy, but Butter-Soft controls and high Comfort justify the Price. Greetings from Germany.

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