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Scoozy is independently tested according to EN 12184 Class C.


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On all products we offer the legal guarantee against manufacturing defects during normal use.

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Scoozy meets the following standards:

  • EN12184: 2014 Electrically driven wheelchairs and scooters, class C, with the exception of ISO7176-9 8.2 Cold operating conditions.
  • ISO7176-8 Requirements for impact, static and fatigue strength.
  • ISO7176-14 Requirements and test methods for controller systems for electrically driven wheelchairs.
  • ISO7176-21: 2009 Requirements and test methods for electromagnetic compatibility of electrically driven wheelchairs and motorized scooters. *
  • EN 1021-2 Requirements for resistance to ignition.
  • ISO7176-4: 2008 The range of Scoozy is set at 40-100km depending on the battery package (small, large or double). **

As tested by TÜV Rheinland in March 2019.

* Scoozy is EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) approved. Tests have shown that Scoozy is not sensitive or harmful to mobile communication equipment and electronically controlled equipment. Nevertheless, be careful when using Scoozy and mobile or other electronic devices at the same time (think of shop gates, electric access doors, etc.).

** The range may be less during a trip due to:

  • The loaded weight (user + baggage), higher weight reduces the range;
  • The average speed, long driving at high speed reduces the range;
  • The type of subsoil, mud and rough terrain reduce the range;
  • The degree of height difference such as sidewalks or hills, riding more hills or climbing sidewalks reduces the range.


Scoozy products are carefully assembled and carefully checked before they leave the factory. If it appears that Scoozy or a part of it does not meet expectations, please contact us or the party where you purchased our product.


Scoozy respects the laws and regulations for consumer protection that apply in the country of purchase. In the Netherlands, this means that you are entitled to the statutory 2-year guarantee on production errors.


We guarantee that the battery has at least 70% of its original capacity after 20,000 km / 500 charging cycles.


The warranty does not cover defects caused by non-observance of usage and maintenance instructions, other than normal use, wear and tear, carelessness, overloading, accident by third parties, applied non-original parts and defects whose cause lies outside the product. With this warranty, any other warranty expires; stipulated by law, or communicated orally, except for what is guaranteed in writing by Scoozy.

Warranty applies exclusively within the EU.

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