Help others with Scoozy. That is what Karin from Molenhoek does every day. This mother of four has an exciting job as a system therapist in guiding families. Together with a small team, she looks at all factors in and around the family to assess where problems are coming from and to provide the right help. Even now that she has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis for a few years, she still assists families every day. Of course her life has changed drastically, but Scoozy ensures that she can continue to work on helping others.
Karin with Scoozy in the Forest.

Helping others with the help of scoozy

It provides a special dynamic. In one family where Karin supported, the father suffers from a muscle disease. Until then, the family hadn’t talked about it with each other. The fact that Karin was able to empathize with the situation broke the ice and opened the discussion of this difficult topic in the family. “When people see that I drive a mobility scooter, they see that in the life of their therapist not everything goes perfectly and that we also just experience human things. It ensures that I can provide better help.” Karin uses her own situation to help others. “And if I’m having a bad day myself, I just grab a colleague by the arm or take my Scoozy with me when I have to go out with a client.”

Things that change and things that stay the same

Mulderskop Groesbeek2 - Karin: “SCOOZY GIVES ME WHAT OTHER AIDS COULD NOT.”

‘Scoozy takes me where other aids couldn’t take me.’

Racing along the maas riverside

Like many users, Karin did not see herself sitting in a traditional mobility scooter or wheelchair. In addition to the stigma attached to it, she also found these aids not stable enough. Moreover, the first wheelchair she had was not suitable for riding on uneven terrain, especially in bad weather. Still, for a while this seemed like the only option to qualify for. After searching the internet herself, she came into contact with Scoozy and now Karin has been driving her own Scoozy for several months.

“I especially like that I can drive it so fast. I drive along the Maas and I feel the wind in my hair. I now feel much freer and less disabled. With a push wheelchair I really noticed that people talked “past me” as if I was not there, but now people speak to me because it is such a cool gadget. It also helps that Scoozy is higher, so you’re literally at a more equal height to have a conversation. I also really like that the developers are so involved and enthusiastic and always willing to help when there are problems. Of course it costs something, but the fun is so great that I would like to say to others that it is really worthwhile to investigate whether you can make it happen.”

‘ I especially like that I can drive so fast. Then I drive along the Maas and I feel the wind through my hair. I now feel much freer and less disabled.’

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As developers, we’re extra proud that Scoozy helps someone like Karin help others. It shows that, despite your diagnosis, this means of transport can help you continue your normal life. Would you like to know more about Scoozy for you or someone close to you? Find a dealer near you.

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