Shopping bags for mobility scooters: What do we recommend with Scoozy?

When you go on the road with your mobility scooter, you also want to take your luggage, groceries, and essential belongings. More and more mobility scooters accessories are available for Scoozy. In this blog, you can read which shopping bags for mobility scooters we recommend and what they are helpful for.
Scoozy fully equipped with accessories.

Mobility scooter luggage racks

Easily expand the luggage space of your Scoozy with the luggage rack in the front and under the seat. The front luggage rack is a raised rack to which a bag can be attached. The luggage rack under the seat is a multifunctional accessory for mounting cane holders, various pouches and a cup holder. This rack also has a tube opening in which, among other things, a rollator holder can be attached.

wheelchair bags

The waterproof panniers of 10-18L can be attached to the luggage racks. A large shopping bag fits under the seat behind your legs and can be secured with the bag hook.

Scoozy design
Front bicycle bag Scoozy.

tip: Phoenix wheelchair travel bag

Phoenix Instinct wheelchari travel bags and bags for everyday use are specially designed to be wheelchair friendly. Phoenix bags carry all the weight with their wheels and can be attached to the luggage rack under Scoozy’s seat. 

tip: Quokka walker bag and wheelchair side bag

Quokka bags are specially designed as a solution for safely keeping all your essential items such as your phone, debit card, ID and keys. Different formats are available. These bags can easily be attached to the luggage racks with the adapter. 

cup holder on a mobility scooter

The cup holder can also be attached to the Quokka adapter. The Quokka cup holder is made of a lightweight but strong composite material and is suitable for cups with a maximum diameter of 7.7 cm. Thanks to the two loose catches, it is clamped securely. It can also be used twice, which gives room for 2 drinks.

mobility scooter mirrors

With mobility scooter mirrors, you don’t have to look back to watch the traffic behind and next to you. This also offers convenience when parking. It is possible to mount a mirror on the left or right side or top of the armrest.

Mirror on armrest Scoozy.
Phone holder on armrest Scoozy.

Phone holder

Holder Keep your phone safe on Scoozy with the RAM Mounts X-grip Phone Holder. You can easily click and release your phone on the x-shaped clip. Place your device horizontally or vertically in the holder. The X-Grip fits smaller devices between 47.6 mm and 82.5 mm, such as the iPhone SE, iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy A20e. The RAM Mount X-grip phone holder can be mounted on the left or right side or on top of the armrest.

Cane holder

Take your crutches or walking stick with you with the cane holder. You mount two brackets on the luggage rack under the seat. It is essential to consider that you also need this luggage rack. Click the stick horizontally into the stick holder. You can easily reach it as soon as you need it.

Cane holder on Scoozy.

Download the information guide with a price list for even more advice on Scoozy accessories and what’s in development. In this blog, you can read more about protecting your mobility scooter against theft.

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