Mobility scooter life: How long will Scoozy last?

Sustainability through quality is the guiding principle at Scoozy. In this blog, you can read where Scoozy is made and how we strive for high quality. We also tell you what we do with service and maintenance to extend the life of Scoozy.
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Dutch Design, Dutch made

Scoozy is designed in the Netherlands. Most parts come from Europe instead of Asia, where most cheaper products come from. We choose high-quality suppliers close to home who not only deliver quality but are also involved in making the product even better. For example, the frame is welded by a robot at the Schouten & Vissers company in Epe. DOT Robot in Delft develops and assembles the electronics. The plastic caps come from Plastica from Bergen op Zoom. In addition to quality, we reduce the pressure on the environment because parts travel less distance to our factory. So local-for-local. This way, we contribute as much as possible to employment within Europe. We are proud of it

The lifespan of a battery in the mobility scooter

The li-ion battery used in Scoozy comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. A lithium battery retains its capacity for longer than the more commonly used lead gel batteries. Read more about the 5 advantages of a Li-Ion battery vs. a  lead-gel battery in this blog. The battery life is not guaranteed, but an indication is that it still has 70% of its capacity after 20,000 km/500 charge cycles with careful use. In principle, a Scoozy battery should last a Scoozy life if you handle it carefully. Scoozy attributes a technical life of 6 years to this product. This means that the product is repairable, safe, and usable during this period.  

Mobility scooter service and maintenance

Just like with a car, it is good to have your Scoozy checked periodically. During this service, the motor and all moving parts are checked. Service and maintenance are  done at one of our authorized dealers. These dealers participate in training so that they always have the latest information to maintain your Scoozy. a short explanation about this is in this film.

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SEE HOW SCOOZY IS MADE? Take a look at our factory! See how we assemble Scoozy ourselves and experience Scoozy at our head office. Schedule an appointment right away.

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