Mobility scooter dimensions: How big and manoeuvrable is Scoozy?

Scoozy is a means of electric transport for outdoor use. It also fits nicely in an average supermarket. Scoozy is usually too big and not manoeuvrable enough for home use. A powered wheelchair or foldable mobility scooter is a better solution in this situation. This blog shows you what the dimensions and manoeuvrability of Scoozy are, compared to other 4 wheeled mobility scooters.
Steering Angle

Turning circle of a mobility scooter

The minimum circle Scoozy can be turned is 3.4m. The light steering makes it easy to stab once. In this case, the minimum aisle width to turn into is 2.0m. Thanks to the sharp steering front wheels, Scoozy can also manoeuvre well through the supermarket

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Scoozy dimensions

  • Width: Scoozy looks larger than comparable 4 wheeled mobility scooters due to the open design and the large wheels, but nothing could be further from the truth. Scoozy is 68 cm wide and therefore fits well through a standard doorway. 
  • Lenght: The length of Scoozy is 135 cm and if you compare this with, for example, a Life & Mobility Solo, Scoozy is even 5 cm shorter. With this, Scoozy generally fits in an elevator. 
  • Height: Scoozy’s height is 125cm. Even though it is not that high compared to other mobility scooters, indeed, the backrest of Scoozy cannot be folded at the moment. This makes transport in a delivery van or a passenger car difficult. Read this blog more about the options available to transport Scoozy.

Download the information guide for a complete overview of all specifications and dimensions.

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