Scoozy brakes in four different ways: pull the joystick back to accelerate to a halt (1), release the joystick to gradually stop (2) or press the emergency button on the joystick or the button panel to stop immediately (3, 4).

Scoozy is not foldable. This has the advantage that Scoozy is very sturdy, but because of this Scoozy does not fit in every car. We transport Scoozy in a van or small trailer.

With the two-wheel drive, Scoozy easily drives on paved, level roads. With the four-wheel-drive, Scoozy also drives well on slopes (maximum 10 degrees), on the grass and through the forest. Avoid sandy roads or beach.

Scoozy has a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are known for their long shelf life. The battery is also maintenance-friendly. It is possible to place an extra battery for a larger action radius. Please note: the existing battery must be replaced when a second battery is added. This will be arranged by your Scoozy dealer.

You can control Scoozy with the joystick only, which can be placed both left or right.

Before Scoozy is assembled, you make a number of personal choices: the height of the seat, the side of the joystick, the placement of the joystick on the armrest and the suspension.

Scoozy is controlled with a joystick so you have a maximum open view. This way you can see your position on the road and enjoy your surroundings optimally. The joystick also has the advantage that it can be operated intuitively and with one hand. Both arms can relax on the armrests while driving.

Scoozy is not included by default with the WMO. A number of our customers have succeeded in purchasing Scoozy via PGB. Scoozy turned out to fit well with the needs. So it’s definitely worth trying! The initiative is up to you as a customer, but we are happy to provide you with the right information. Contact us for more information.

Scoozy has a number of unique specifications that cannot be found in other brands of mobility scooter: four-wheel drive in combination with four steering wheels for a stable and manoeuvrable vehicle, joystick steering and of course the looks. For more features, look on our website under product!