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Find the answers to many of your questions below. For a complete overview of the specifications and options with price list, download the information guide. In this guide we provide detailed answers to the 9 most frequently asked questions about Scoozy.


Scoozy is unique in being a hybrid between a scooter and powered wheelchair. The joystick makes it versatile in reimbursements. In the Netherlands, most customers pay for themselves but we have examples of Scoozy being reimbursed both as a scooter and as a powered wheelchair. In France, Scoozy falls in the same reimbursement category as the Whill electric wheelchair. In Italy, Scoozy is also getting reimbursed as a powered wheelchair.

What adjustment options does the seat have?

Scoozy has a universal seat with some adjustment options such as the seat height and the seat cushions. By making the chair universal, we were able to keep the chair as slim as possible and thereby make the design more attractive. Read this blog for more information.

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How do I get in Scoozy?

Scoozy has an open design so that nothing can stop that feeling of freedom. Scoozy doesn’t have a steering column to hold on to. That’s why Scoozy has a unique entry system: when you open the armrest by pressing the black button, the swiveling wheels give you room to get in. Read more about this in this blog

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Is Scoozy also available with a steering wheel?

Controlling Scoozy with a joystick has been a conscious design choice as it offers 5 benefits in terms of comfort and safety. Read more about this in this blog: 5 benefits of a joystick mobility scooter.

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Is it safe to have nothing in front of you?

This is a common first impression of Scoozy. Safety and stability have become the spearhead of our design by looking closely at the causes of the accidents involving mobility scooters. These blogposts explain what solutions Scoozy has for preventing and reducing accidents: Accidents involving mobility scooters: how scoozy protects you and Is Scoozy a stable mobility scooter?.

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You can operate Scoozy well with one hand. There are several users who use Scoozy in this way. You can press the control panel on the other armrest with your functional hand and then control Scoozy with the joystick. The joystick can be placed either left or right. The flashing lights can be set automatically. See more about using Scoozy in these videos on our YouTube Channel.

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With the new Scoozy scooter, we wanted to create a personal mobility solution that looks good, is safe, and is suitable for all roads. We have focused on these aspects with innovation and quality. Pricing was not the main focus here. This allowed us to do something different than any other product on the market and come up with a solution to the problems users are experiencing. In this blog, we describe 7 points that make Scoozy’s price different from the average scooter, but also what you get for it.

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Where can I drive with Scoozy?

Scoozy is a mobility scooter that is ideally made for use on uneven surfaces, both in the city and in nature. Watch the video in which we take you on a journey of discovery in 10 different countries over a variety of surfaces. Read in this blog which features make this possible.

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We strongly advise against using Scoozy on the beach and other loose sand environments. We’ve tested this a lot. For the beach, you need wider tires to prevent yourself from sinking into the loose sand. In addition, it is good to remember that fine sand gets into rotating parts and causes extra wear. Seawater is also harmful to the product because it has a corrosive effect. All of this will negatively affect Scoozy ‘s lifespan. In videos we show you that you can drive on unpaved paths, we call it Allroad.

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Scoozy is a means of transport that works best when used outdoors. Scoozy is a mobility scooter that is ideally made for use on uneven surfaces, both in the city and in nature. You can also do well in an average supermarket. Scoozy is usually too large and not manoeuvrable enough for use in a house. A wheelchair or foldable scooter is a better solution in this situation. Read more about how big and manoeuvrable Scoozy is in this blog.

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How can I transport Scoozy?

Scoozy can be transported in a van or a trailer. Scoozy can be placed in a vehicle with the freewheel function or with a winch on one of the appropriate lifting eyes in the frame. Scoozy can also be lifted to the optional lifting eye in the center of the seat. Scoozy cannot be made smaller for transportation. It has been chosen to make Scoozy sturdy and stable for driving long distances comfortably. Read this blog for 6 examples of how users transport Scoozy.

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Which battery is in Scoozy? And can I purchase an extra battery?

Scoozy has a lithium-ion battery. This battery lasts much longer than the older battery types and therefore needs to be replaced less often. Read more about the benefits of a li-ion battery in this blog. It is possible to replace a battery or have an extra battery installed for a larger range. You cannot do this yourself.

How far can I really drive? What range does Scoozy have?

Scoozy C with 1 battery has a theoretical range of 50 kilometers. Extend this to 100 kilometers with a double battery pack. However, the range in practice depends on many things such as user weight, temperature, slopes, surface (tarmac or unpaved), tire pressure, driving behavior (accelerating and braking), speed or headwind. The action radius does not exist in that respect. We have tested this in practice to give a feeling of the range. You can read more about this in this blog. A rule of thumb that you could use based on this test is that the range in practice is about 85% of the theoretical range.

How quickly does the capacity of the battery decrease?

The battery comes with a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Battery life is not guaranteed, but a conservative indication is that after 20,000km/500 charge cycles, the battery will still have 70% of its original capacity with careful use. In principle, a Scoozy battery should last a Scoozy life if you handle it carefully.

How long does it take to charge Scoozy?

Scoozy can be charged in every regular wall contact. The charging plug is located at the rear. While charging, you can see how fully charged the battery is on the Scoozy display and on the charger. You can stop loading at any time. This has no adverse effect on the capacity of a lithium battery. One battery (50km range) charges 80% full in about 5 hours and will need another 2 hours to get to 100%. The charging time doubles with a double battery pack (100km range).

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Can I store Scoozy for a longer period without breaking the battery?

Scoozy, like any mobility scooter, has a standby consumption or sleep consumption. This means that if you put Scoozy away and do not use it, it will still consume power and the battery will not remain fully charged. Scoozy C is protected against the battery becoming empty and thus prevents the battery from being destroyed (deep discharged). After 24 hours, the battery goes into a so-called sleep mode. This reduces standby power, allowing you to store Scoozy twice as long as other mobility scooters (up to 6 months). From Scoozy serial number 300 this has been adjusted and the battery will go into sleep mode 2 weeks after the battery is still 50% full.


  • The charger cannot remain connected. Disconnect the charger when the battery is full. For safety reasons, the charger will not recharge if left plugged in and will even draw power from the battery at some point.  TIP Timeclock: If you want the battery to remain full, use a time clock between the socket and the charger. This ensures that Scoozy charges every day.
  • The battery cannot be charged if the core temperature is below 0 °C. This will damage the battery cells of the lithium battery. That is why it is recommended to store Scoozy in a heated place.

How can I take luggage on Scoozy?

Luggage can be taken on the luggage racks front (5kg) and back (5kg) and a shopper or backpack behind the legs on the footplate (20kg). Scoozy is not suitable for towing loads such as a trailer. Learn more about the different types of luggage carrying solutions we recommend at Scoozy here.

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As a canopy, universal solutions are possible, such as the Movo Evolution. For a warmer and drier ride with Scoozy, we recommend a leg cover from Kinetic Balance.

 A heated seat makes a ride with your mobility scooter at lower temperatures a lot more comfortable. We recommend the Big Hug wireless infrared heating blanket from Stoov with two heating elements for back and seat heating.

Check out this blog for a complete overview.




As a Scoozy user, you don’t want thieves to run off with your vehicle. We took this into account when developing Scoozy:

  • Scoozy works with a uniquely programmed NFC tag as a key. Every single Scoozy is associated with a unique tag. 
  • The open wheels make it easy to put a cable lock through the wheel. For example, you secure Scoozy to a pole and make it even more difficult for thieves to steal Scoozy. We recommend TEX-Lock locks for this.
  • The Tracefy GPS tracker is a small module that the dealer can install invisibly into Scoozy. You can then register yourself in the app so you are always virtually connected with your Scoozy. This is only available in the Netherlands.

View this blog for a more detailed overview.


At the moment we do not see that Scoozy is being rented out. Scoozy C is still new and is therefore mainly sold. We expect that when Scoozy is on the market a little longer, there will also be more occasions that may also be used for rental. This will depend on each dealer. If you’re really looking for a Scoozy to rent, it may be worth calling a few dealers. See the Scoozy dealers here.


Ask the dealer about the possibilities and the value of your current scooter. See here for an overview of the Scoozy dealers.


Scoozy distinguishes itself from other scooter brands mainly in the field of safety, design and the possibility to drive in nature.

It is often difficult to compare scooters in terms of properties because a different approach is used for certain specifications. To help you with this, we have tested and compared the top 3 four-wheel scooters sold in the Netherlands in the higher segment. Read the blog here. And in this blog, we have placed Scoozy next to the Quingo with 5 wheels.

We hope this information helps you determine if Scoozy really suits your needs because that’s what it’s all about in the end.

What about after-sales service and warranty?

  • Service: Like with a car, it is good to have your Scoozy checked periodically (annually). During this service, all moving parts, the tires and wheels, the electronics, and the mechanical system are checked. In addition, the hoods are inspected, and Scoozy is properly cleaned. This can be done at one of our authorized dealers. These dealers participate in training to always have the latest information to maintain your Scoozy. You can see a short explanation about this in this film.
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  • Lifetime and Warranty: Scoozy attributes a technical life of 6 years to this product. This means that the product is repairable, safe, and usable during this period. Scoozy is certified to EN12184 Class C. To ensure that we meet the European standard for mobility scooters, Scoozy has been extensively tested by ourselves, our suppliers, and various independent test institutes. Read more about this in this blog. We offer a legal warranty against manufacturing defects under regular use on all products. Read the extended warranty statement in the manual. Watch the tutorial videos to learn Scoozy how to use Scoozy properly and get the most out of using your Scoozy.



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For a complete overview of all options and accessories with prices, download the information guide with a price list at the top of the web page.

In which countries is Scoozy available?

Thank you for your interest in Scoozy. At the moment Scoozy is only available in Europe, and we keep expanding. Look for an overview of the countries where Scoozy is available here.

We have a strong preference for working with one distributor per country who resells it to dealers. This enables us to focus on a long-term relationship and servicing. We are in contact with potential distributors for America, but it will be some time before a partnership is finalized.

Our product is not ready for dropshipping yet. Would you like to get Scoozy shipped to you anyway? Please send us a message and we bring you in touch with the Dutch dealer Scootmobiel & More. They are specialized in sending scooters to other countries.

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