A mobility scooter with 4 or 5 wheels? Scoozy and Quingo compared

Often features are differently specified by a manufacturer. This makes it difficult to compare products. Therefore we tested the Quingo mobility scooter with 5 wheels and Scoozy the mobility scooter with 4 large wheels side by side.

Quingo and Scoozy tested

We compared the dimensions, the turning circle and drove up and down a curb to demonstrate the similarities and differences between the two products. Watch the video of the test here.

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mobility scooter comparison chart

Brand and type

Scoozy C

Quingo Toura2

From price 



Max. user weight

150 kg

220 kg 



Lead gel


50-100 km

70 km

Joystick control


Foot throttle


Maximum speed

15 km/h

18 km/h

Transaxle engine

1400 Watts

650 Watt


automatically in S

dagrijverlichting automatisch / hoofdverlichting handmatig

Max. obstacle height

12 cm from the front

12 cm driving at an angle of 45˚ towards the curb

12 cm driving at an angle of 45˚ towards the curb

Max. angle of inclination (dynamic stability)



Turning circle

3.4 m

2.4 m

Cornering reduction sensor




135 x 68 x 125 cm

150 x 66 x 143 cm

Vehicle weight

100 – 110 kg

166,6 kg

Ground clearance (middle bottom plate)

14 cm

12,5 cm



fixed rear axle



silver (option: all RAL-colors)

Wheel size

2.5 – 16” (rim 12”)

front wheel 3,0 -10’’ (rim 5”) 

back wheels 3,5 – 12’’ (velg 6’’)

Seat width

45 cm

55 cm

Seat depth

44 cm

48 cm

Sliding carriage


Seat height relative to plateau

41-45 cm (excluding 5 cm seat cushion)

52 – 59 cm

Adjust seat height

with bolts

with bolts

Swivel seat

entry system


Seat belt




NCF tag

ignition switch

Both Scoozy and Quingo have more legroom than a standard 4-wheel scooter. Are you looking for a traditional scooter that has the manoeuvrability of a 3 wheeler, which is useful in a shopping center, and offers extra stability by means of with 2 extra side wheels, the Quingo may suit you well. If you are looking for a modern scooter with which you can also drive through nature, then Scoozy is the right solution for you. Read more comparisons in this blog: What are the differences between the Solo scooter, Scoozy and the Mini Crosser?

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