5 benefits of a joystick mobility scooter

Driving with a joystick might be more associated with a powered wheelchair, but Scoozy combines it with mobility scooter capabilities. It may take some getting used to for some, but it offers 5 benefits in terms of comfort and safety. This blog explains why we use joystick control and which 5 advantages this has.
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1. A mobility scooter with an active brake

Scoozy is controlled with a joystick. That works very intuitively. In a traditional mobility scooter, you squeeze levers on the handlebars to accelerate. That means braking on a bicycle. This is confusing and can cause accidents. The joystick control has an active brake. Letting go is soft braking; pulling back is a hard stop. The active brake makes Scoozy unique, and as a driver, you have the feeling of control.

2. Open design

You have a maximum open view because you don’t have a handlebar in front of you. This way, you can see your position on the road and any obstacles right in front of you. 

3. A mobility scooter with a lot of legroom

At the same time, the lack of the steering column gives a lot of legroom. This is especially useful for users with long legs or users who have to keep their legs straight when, for example, you have your leg in a cast.

4. No tired arms and sore shoulders on the mobility scooter

An additional advantage of the joystick is that you can rest your arms on the armrests during the ride. So no more tired arms! The steering is also very light, so it takes little power.

5. Control a mobility scooter with one hand

With long distance, higher speed driving, and joystick control capabilities, you combine the benefits of a mobility scooter with the features of an electric wheelchair. This way, you can easily control your mobility scooter with one hand. The unique software and adapted electronics think along with you and give you a safe feeling.

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Is driving with a joystick something for me?
Driving with a joystick can take some getting used to. To guide you in this habituation process, you choose between 3 driving levels. Take a test drive set to level 1. This gives a smooth driving experience for when you first encounter a joystick. Find a dealer near you.

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